Showing size of hair straightener in hand
White USB charge hair straighteners demonstration
Showing curly hair before straightening
Straightening hair with USB charged curling iron
Final result using USB hair iron
Hair straighteners in box
Hair curlers and straighteners open and closed

USB charged hair straighteners

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These mini USB charged hair straighteners are perfect for girls on the go who want to keep their curly hair tamed.

Once fully charged they'll have about 50 hours of stand by battery for quick heated straightening, so take them with you and you don't need to charge them for a few days.

I'm so pleased to have found these and trialed them on my recent trip to humid Fiji where my hair was crazy curly! You can see in my bathroom selfies that within about five minutes I had tamed my fringe hooks into straight bangs.

Charge them in your car with the included USB car charger, via your laptop or in the wall and you're ready for a meeting, a night out or just transform from wild to wow.

Follow the instructions on the packaging and charge it fully until the battery light turns green (about 3 hours) before first use. Then just use them wherever you are, no cords. They heat up quick as a flash.


  • Rechargable battery
  • Two temperature settings
  • Includes USB car charger
  • Includes USB cord
  • Travel pouch
  • Length 20cm