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Harmony Packing Cubes - set of 4 plus shoe bag

Harmony Packing Cubes - set of 4 plus shoe bag

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These Harmony packing cubes are excellent quality, robust with zips. The mesh layer helps you see what's inside. They come in a set of four, plus a draw-string shoe bag.

Packing cubes are a game changer when you're needing to move on every couple of days to go to the next location. And when you get to your hotel or cruise ship, just pop them into the drawers and you've unpacked and can put your suitcase away. Too easy!

Here's why packing cubes (or packing cells) are a traveling game changer:

  • Pack your items neatly by type
  • Know where everything is at a glance (including kids clothes, tops v bottoms, gym gear, night wear etc)
  • Itemise by outfit with the top, bottom and accessories all packed together if that makes your life easier
  • Unpack in your hotel or cruise cabin by simply placing the cells in the drawers
  • Repack in under 5 minutes!
  • Use one for items that might need declaring to make it easy at Customs
  • Remove one at check in if your luggage is over weight

Set of 4

Small: 30cm x 17cm x 8cm

Medium x2: 35cm x 25cm x 9cm

Large: 45cm x 35cm x 9cm

Shoe bag: 47cm x 35cm

Material: rip stop nylon

Do not machine wash. Hand wash if necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tedi Busch
one missing!

I only received 3 and the nice shoe bag. Those received are 20x30 mm, 25x34mm, and 30x40mm. Apologies for no alerting you sooner! I look forward to using them.

Hi Tedi, such a shame you didn't message/email/phone me first. We sent you the Freedom set instead of Harmony by mistake. Would have remedied quick smart if we'd been given the opportunity. - Megan

Jocelyn Knight
Harmony Packing Cubes

I ordered 2 sets. Black for Mr and a gorgeous Turquoise shade for Me. We can't wait to use them. I loved the tips on the Web Site that we can take the cubes out of our suitcase and put them in our Cruise Ship Cabin drawer. As we will be away for 6 weeks I instantly wanted them. We are over trying to find things in our bags. We know we will just love these packing cubes. My only thought is "is one set each an enough"? 😃