Journey Travel Packing Cells
Journey Travel Packing Cells
Journey Travel Packing Cells
Journey Travel Packing Cells

Journey Travel Packing Cells

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Packing cubes are a travel revelation! No longer will you need to search through your suitcase trying to find your undies, that black top that looks like your black pants or a pair of shorts. With packing cubes/cells you can roll or fold your clothes and pop them into different bags depending on function, and with a mesh top you can see where everything is at a glance.

The Journey travel range is at the top of the quality ladder, made from durable water resistant nylon with double stitching to add extra reinforcement if you stuff them too full. They come in four sizes and are 10cm deep, plus you get a bonus laundry/shoe/tog bag. These bags sell for $20-$30 each in outdoor/camping/sports stores, so the whole set for this price is a very good deal.


Here are 8 reasons why we love them:

1. So quick and easy to pack
2. Easy to find where things are
3. Unpack in minutes into hotel drawers
4. Pair outfits together for each day
5. Pack according to weather: summer gear/colder wear
6. Pack kids clothes in different coloured cells
7. Put your items to declare in one cell for easy access
8. If luggage overweight, just remove one cell into carry on

Small: 28cm x 17cm x 10cm
Medium: 35cm x 25cm x 10cm
Large: 35cm x 30cm x 10cm
Extra Large: 45cm x 32cm x 10cm

Plus a generous sized laundry bag: 55cm x 38cm