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These great looking compression socks can be worn throughout a flight, when playing sport or whenever compression support is needed. They finish below the knee and are designed to support the calf muscles with graduated compression from the foot.

These socks will help reduce swelling on a flight and are typical of those sold over the counter at chemists and other travel stores.

Tip: put your compression socks on at home and wear to the airport where you have more room to move!

Please note: if you are prone to blood clots, are pregnant or have had recent surgery, please have your doctor professionally fit compression socks.

Material: Nylon/spandex

Size: S/M Women's size 6.5-8 shoe (I wear a size 38 and the S/M fits snugly) I would suggest size 39+ choose L/XL
Ankle circumference 16.5cm-20cm
Calf circumference 26.5cm-35.5cm

Size: L/XL 8.5-10.5 shoe (European size 41-43)
Ankle circumference 20cm-24cm
Calf circumference 29cm-38cm

Size: XXL 11 shoe (European size 44-45)
Ankle circumference 26cm
Calf circumference 39cm-42cm

Compression: 20-30mmHg graduated compression

Shipping: $6 anywhere in NZ per package (up to 10 pairs)