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These are some of the beautiful products I have found on my travels and now bring to New Zealand.
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Cherie shoulder bag from ItalyCherie shoulder bag from Italy
Cherie shoulder bag from Italy
Regular price $225.00
Mila leather crossbody handbags from ItalyMila leather crossbody handbags from Italy
Mila leather crossbody handbags from Italy
Regular price $115.00 $95.00
Piccola leather wallet from Italy
Regular price $30.00 $25.00
Kyleigh leather clutch from ItalyKyleigh leather clutch from Italy
Kyleigh leather clutch from Italy
Regular price $85.00
Josie leather handbag from ItalyJosie leather handbag from Italy
Josie leather handbag from Italy
Regular price $155.00 $135.00
Cashmere scarves
Regular price $75.00
Cashmere ponchos
Regular price $150.00 $110.00
Carolena leather bags from ItalyCarolena leather bags from Italy
Carolena leather bags from Italy
Regular price $135.00 $115.00
Gussie leather crossbody bagsGussie leather crossbody bags - Travel Store
Gussie leather crossbody bags
Regular price $155.00 $125.00

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