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Print off my easy packing list

I wrote this handy travel packing to cover pretty much everything you’ll need for a holiday that ranges from a few days to several weeks.

I pretty much pack the same amount of things whether I’m travelling for two weeks or six weeks as I know I’ll do laundry about every five or six days and I also pack a little laundry powder if I’m on the go so I can easily wash smalls in the hotel basin.

Tips for packing a suitcase


And here’s a washing tip: wring your clothes out in the bathtub or basin, then grab one of the towels (or the bathmat so you can use a dry towel later for your own body!), lay it on the floor and place your clothes on it, roll the sides in a little and then roll the whole thing up into a tight roll and finally, stand on it to wring the last little bit of moisture out of it before unravelling it all. Then simply hang them in your room and leave the air conditioning on (if you can!) and they’ll be dry within the day – or certainly over night.

Or if you're looking for a little washing line, the twisted pegless line takes up no room and is easy to hook your clothes into.

AND my best tip for packing is to take less than you think you need to!

From years of over packing I have learned that I usually return with a few items unworn as I will wear everything at least twice and I also forget that I usually buy a couple of new things too!

But the game changer for quick packing/unpacking into hotel drawers or cruise cabins or when you're on the go every couple of days are packing cells. They've been a revelation not just to me, but so many of our customers! 

Here are some of the things on this list that you can buy from this quick link list at the Travel Store:


Feel free to print off this check list (below) and add the quantities of what you’ll take in the little boxes, cross off the things you don’t need, then when it comes to actually packing your bag you can run down the list and simply tick them off.


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