Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Roll up Cabeau neck pillow
Cabeau Evolution travel pillows
Wearing Cabeau travel pillow

Cabeau Evolution travel pillows

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These incredibly popular travel neck pillows are the best selling travel pillow in New Zealand, and for good reason. Just read the reviews!

Made of responsive memory foam, they are ideal for travelling in a plane, train or car. The patented ergonomic design, flattened back and high side panels provide perfect neck comfort and with straps at the back they can be fastened to the airplane headrest if you want to so your head doesn't fall forward.

I bought one in the US two years ago and have been using it on long haul flights ever since - and getting some sleep sitting in economy class!

It fits like a neck brace but is very comfortable and so easy to sleep in. I'm a convert. More costly than the micro bead and the other memory foam pillows in this store, but the Cabeau is worth the investment if you're travelling lots or doing a long haul trip. It has toggles in the front so you can wear it snuggly tight or loosen it off to eat.

To carry it, roll it up like a cinnamon bun into its bag where a velcro strap can easily fix it around your luggage handle if you don't want to pack it. The cover also can be removed for washing. Store out of the bag for long periods to keep its shape.

Customer Reviews

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Purchased for flight to Perth 3 weeks ago at $75.00 discounted price. On arrival at Perth airport was very disappointed to see exact product was $55.00. Taking into account the exchange rate this is still a huge price difference. Will do my homework before purchasing from the Travel Store in future.

Hi Sue, I’m sorry to see your one-star review as these pillows are excellent quality and hopefully you got some sleep. Sadly in NZ we cannot get them as cheaply as other parts of the world. All NZ stores that stock them can’t match the Australian price. In fact you paid less than stores at NZ airports. -Megan

Delivered as promised. I'm happy : )


Cabeau pillow is very comfortable and helkped enormously with rest on the long journey. Could easily attach it to my carry-on bag.


The pillow is well made and very comfortable to wear. It will be well tested on our flight to the US in a weeks time.


I had to fly to and from the UK in under a week and anticipated a sore neck and lack of sleep. The Cabeau pillow made such a difference! I estimate I slept twice as well as usual and had no stiffness. The only comment I would make was for a small person the height was just a bit big for the length of my neck, but it isn’t problematic enough for me not to give it 5 stars.