The story about the cashmere

The story about the cashmere

I have just returned from an incredible 2 weeks in Nepal volunteering in Pokhara, about 200km west of Kathmandu. I spent my days building bamboo fences, reading stories to kids, hearing about the many rescued young women from trafficking and working alongside GVI.

But in my time off I met the people who run Helping Hands, a cashmere business that employs deaf and blind young people from all around Nepal and teaches them how work the looms to spin this beautifully soft and fine local cashmere into scarves, throws and ponchos. All the proceeds from the sales of their high quality garments goes back into investing into the deaf and blind community.

I was all set to buy a poncho for myself - and a blanket too because it's just so soft I wanted to snuggle into it right there, but when I met the kids who have jobs through this organisation (they also have a massage business which I experienced too), I just loved their story.

Blind girl working hand loom Nepal

Thumbs up on the loom, Nepal

So I filled my suitcase with as many garments as I could fit and talked to them for about an hour about how we might be able to do business together in the future and looked at the costs including shipping and taxes.

So this first range are all one-offs and I will see how well they sell. I hope you like them as much as I do and I hope that together we can continue to partner with Helping Hands and give something back while enjoying their top quality product.

Megan x

Blue and cream stripe cashmere on loom

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