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Travelmixa USB-charged blender

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This portable electric blender, designed by Travelmixa, a NZ brand of Peak Health Management, can mix up your smoothies and powdered drinks on the go any where, any time!

Charged via USB, the battery will last two to three weeks if making one smoothie a day.

Perfect for health-concious travellers who miss their daily smoothies or protein drinks. Just pack your sachets and buy fresh fruit wherever you are. This blender even works for cocktails for a camping evening - although ice can be used inside, it won't crush it into a slushy. Instead, pour your margarita over the rocks!


  • Cordless, hand-held
  • Lasts 2-3 weeks on a fully charged battery
  • Auto stops after 60 seconds
  • Re-charge on the go with supplied USB cable
  • Use with cold drinks, soft fruit, nutri-powders
  • BPA-free, food grade plastic
  • Approved for packing in carry-on luggage
  • Makes thick, creamy shakes
  • Just rinse and dry upside down


Size: 78mm x250mm
Weight: 480gm
Capacity: 430ml (15 fl oz)

Materials: Food grade Tritan, BPA-free. Blade is surgical steel grade. Seal ring is food grade silicone. Motor specs: DC 5.0V. Input charging: 5V 1A or USB

Charge your Travelmixa for a good 3-4 hours before the first use. Full instructions are provided.

3 month money-back or replacement guarantee against faulty manufacture.

*Shipping to Australia is NZ$27 for one or $31 for two. Email me to arrange (