Alert for Spark/Xtra customers

If you are an xtra customer your order confirmations will bounce back to us and not reach you.

We have been dealing with Spark for a month now trying to get to the bottom of why my xtra customer emails bounce back. We are not the only NZ business to be inconvenienced by this bug - Genesis Energy and Coast FM are in the same boat (that we know about!)

At this stage, if you have another email account like gmail, hotmail, vodafone, please use that for placing your orders so you will receive your order number, confirmation and tracking details.

Please note that this does not affect your order in any way or the delivery of your goods as all orders come to us, it just means you won't receive the above notifcations.

Alternatively we have Facebook messenger and you can reach us any time by clicking the "Message Us" icon in the lower right of your screen.

Hopefully we will have this sorted out soon!

Kind regards