Freedom Packing cells set of 4
Freedom Packing cells set of 4
Freedom Packing cells set of 4
Freedom Packing cells set of 4

Freedom Packing cells set of 4

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These Freedom packing cells are excellent quality, colourful and robust with zips and mesh in the top layer. They come in a set of four.

These are a game changer when you're on the move and needing to pack up every couple of days to go from location to location. And when you get to your hotel, just pop them into the drawers and you've unpacked and can put your suitcase away. Too easy!

Here's why packing cells (or packing cubes) are a traveling game changer:

  • Pack your items neatly by type
  • Know where everything is at a glance (including kids clothes, tops v bottoms, gym gear, night wear etc)
  • Itemise by outfit with the top, bottom and accessories all packed together if that makes your life easier
  • Unpack in your hotel or cruise cabin by simply placing the cells in the drawers
  • Repack in under 5 minutes!
  • Use one for items that might need declaring to make it easy at Customs
  • Remove one at check in if your luggage is over weight

Set of 4

2x Small: 30cm x 17cm x 8cm

Medium: 35cm x 25cm x 8cm

Large: 45cm x 33cm x 8cm

Material: nylon polyester

Do not machine wash. Hand wash if necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Great service as usual thanks 😊


Thank you, cant wait to use these in 3 weeks time

Best travel discovery!

These packing cells made our 3 week trip around the States so easy. Changing location every day or two I was constantly packing, the cells made it super quick. My husband knew his clothing was in the green, and basically what each size contained so no tipping the entire case out searching for his socks. My best travel discovery by far and will be fantastic for our summer boating when we live out of bags for weeks.