Bare Face makeup remover cloth without bag
Bare Face makeup remover cloth without bag

Bare Face makeup remover cloth without bag

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The incredible Bare Face microfibre cloths remove makeup with just warm water. That's right - no chemicals! And they are machine washable up to 1500 times - so no land fill!

The Bare Face cloth is a lush black towel, great to use every day, not just when you travel. It comes in a little cotton bag with a water proof lining and zip so if you are on the move your toiletries won't get wet.

I have more than one towel that I use on rotation. If you'd like a second towel without the bag they are $20 each. (Select in the drop down menu).


Wash towel in a normal, warm wash in the washing machine before first use to get rid of any loose fibres. If you find a few black fibres the first time you use the cloth, throw it in the wash again. Then you're away for more than 1500 washes.

To use: rinse cloth under warm water, squeeze and gently rub face to remove all traces of makeup. Rinse and repeat two or three times until all makeup is gone. 

Wash your Bare Face cloth in the washing machine every two to four days, or if you're travelling I use shampoo or soap when I do my hand washing.

Size: 17.5cm x 35cm