Footrest hammock
Footrest hammock
Footrest hammock
Footrest hammock

Footrest hammock

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You might have seen the foot hammocks advertised on Facebook and wondered what they're like? I brought some in to check them out. They are great quality with a tough nylon/polyester hammock and adjustable straps so you can hang them over the tray table hinges, or use anywhere you want to put your feet up and take some pressure off your lower back.

I've tried them out and I like them. Put one foot in or two and they allow you to move position when you need to in economy. They come with their own storage bag too and you can get them much less than the Facebook advertised ones!

Check with your airline to see if you are allowed them.

Customer Reviews

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Footrest Hammock

Looks great, and arrived quickly.
I can't wait to try it out.

Short legs rejoice!

Absolutely thrilled that I was able to find one of these hammocks for a reasonable price on a NZ website, right before my big move over to the UK. Felt a wee bit self conscious using it, but found it very comfortable. My legs dangle ever so slightly on planes which puts a lot of pressure on my knee joints and thighs. This helped take the pressure off and I was able to get some sleep on my 15 hour flight. Thanks for the amazing service from Megan, and for getting the second one I bought for my Mum to me very quickly at the last minute.

Made the trip more comfy

Being under 5'4" I feel like my feet don't properly rest flat on the floor in most airplanes. And when you are trying to sleep you often want to lift your feet up. This hammock is the answer. Lightweight, easy to set up, no hassle to anyone around you, and best of all a bunch more positions are available to you for a more comfortable flight.


This made such a difference to my long haul travel. You can adjust the height easily and it took the pressure off the back of my thighs during the flights. I highly recommend them!
Also, Megan was awesome and was able to have it couriered out to me at short notice! Thank you so much!!

Excellent no hassle service thank

Excellent no hassle service thank you.