Take It Off makeup removal cloths
Take It Off makeup removal cloths
Take It Off makeup removal cloths
Take It Off makeup removal cloths
Take It Off makeup removal cloths

Take It Off makeup removal cloths

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These soft fibre makeup removal cloths will blow your mind!

I bought the small travel size (two-pack) for myself, my sister and my niece for Christmas and have been using them now for months to take my makeup off every night simply with warm water. No chemicals. No cleansing product, just warm water.

And yes, it removes ALL makeup even waterproof mascara. Ideal for sensitive skin as well as those who want to minimise waste.

I use mine every night and throw them in the wash every two or three days. When I'm travelling I wash them in a little cleanser or shampoo in the basin every couple of days.

And by the way, I once attended an Emirates crew makeup training workshop to write a blog post and learned that for every night you fall into bed with your makeup on, you age your skin by 2 weeks!

The Take It Off makeup removal towels are the brain child of Kiwi entrepreneur Hannah Kinsman who has spent years getting it right - and I'm hooked. Try them and tell me they're not on your stocking-stuffer list for every woman you know!


  • Small = two cloths 15cm x 15cm
  • Large = luxurious single cloth size 36cm x 18cm

    • Each small packet comes with two cloths 15cm x 15cm
    • Large is a luxurious single cloth size 36cm x 18cm
    • Just rinse them each day in warm water and hang dry
    • Can use for 2-3 days at a time
    • Lasts 1000 washes before they should be replaced
    • Wash in the machine with your normal clothes

    Take It Off makeup removal towels are made from the finest threads of polyester, where each thread is one hundred times thinner than a human hair. When woven together, they create a surface area significantly larger than that of traditional fibres, allowing them to attach themselves to the most microscopic specks of dirt and oils, and absorb them gently from your skin.

    Customer Reviews

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    Makeup Cloths

    Yes I bought the small ones as well and find they are far too small, one is absolutely great and one is terrible like leaving bits of black fibre on your face, certainly don't need any makeup remover. I would like to buy the bigger one but I am reluctant to as don't want another one that leaves the fibres on your face.

    Hi Therese, oh that's annoying with the fibres. I had one that was doing that, but after a few washes in the machine it came right. Just throw it into the washing machine a couple more times and you should be right. Let me know, as I'd be happy to replace it.
    Small makeup removal cloths.

    Cloth is nice to use. Effective. I bought the small size. I think the bigger size might be better.

    I do love the big size. Lets you wash your face with both hands rather than the small cloth (although there are two in the packet).
    Does a really good job

    Does a really good job of removing makeup and eye makeup as well

    Hi Brenda, I agree! Thanks for your kind review - Megan
    No longer a skeptic

    these are fabulous; am currently using them on a month of travel but going to also use them back home for makeup removal - a great solution for the environment too. you do need to regularly wash out with soap or shampoo in between uses. i always approach new stuff with healthy skepticism but am so glad i gave these a go!

    Awesome review, thanks Ripeka!

    These cloths REALLY do work .. miraculous

    Awesome review, thanks Lynda. So glad you like them! -Megan